In a Wonderful Balloon - a Book About Loving Roxette


Why a book about Roxette and their fans?

During 2011 and 2012, Roxette has been on the most comprehensive tour even made by a Swedish band, but most Swedes are oblivious to the fact that they have been on tour at all. Blasé critics observe in nonchalant reviews that “Roxette has probably not changed people’s lives”.

They are wrong! Roxette has had  a transformative and even vital impact on many lives all over the world. A proof of this is the subculture which centres around Roxette, on websites and at concerts. Maria Sörgjerd has spent the last two years writing a book with a popular scientific focus, based on the stories of the most dedicated Roxette fans. She has found out what it is that pushes these people to travel around the world, visit concert after concert.

What is it about the group Roxette that appeals to the fans? There are people who have moved to Sweden because the Roxette  members – Per and Marie – live there. There are people who have learned Swedish thanks to Roxette. There are also examples of people who have crossed the line in their eagerness to be close to their idols, but for most fans music is a positive source of energy and a lifestyle.

An underlying message in the book is that music that we like can make us feel good, not just classical music but even something as “trivial” as pop songs about balloons. The stories told by the fans are connected to the scientific field of music psychology, with an easy going and funny tone. The book is easy to relate to with casual examples.

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